Sapster IT Virtual Training was designed to help you achieve your self-improvement goals with system integration that give you personalized interactive guidance.
Unlike passive video-based training programs, we use a fully interactive platform that allows you to learn at your own pace and track your progress.

This isn’t any ordinary online training. Sapster Virtual Training ensures you are truly incorporating proven strategies for success. In this in-depth training, you will master your mind and learn to succeed personally and professionally. .

Our Global Module includesl

 t’s time to GO VIRTUAL with a virtual training platform that creates online training that provides a high margin, low maintenance revenue stream and raving fans for life!

 As a Speaker, Trainer or Author, you have a powerful message to share via your online virtual training platform – a message that can improve the lives of people around the world...

 At the Virtual Training, we believe that a new era of content delivery in the online training industry is upon us. Your clients want (and deserve) a multi-dimensional online training experience delivered via a virtual training platform that supports them in learning what you have to teach and then apply it to their lives in a meaningful way.

 When accessing a virtual training platform, students want an online training experience that is engaging, rewards progress and measures their transformation. Their online training experience needs to be fun, accessible wherever and whenever they want it and include accountability tools to keep them in the game. You need a virtual training platform that delivers!

An increasing number of organizations, either public or private, are utilizing virtual training to develop employee skill sets and keep them up-to-date with the organization’s policies and procedures. However, in many respects, creating a successful virtual training strategy is an art, and various elements should be present in order to implement an informative and engaging experience for the employees

Imagine a traditional classroom with a teacher and a group of students. Depending on the class roster, a single lecture could be given to people with various knowledge levels. These situations present a difficult choice for teachers: Either repeat the material and lose time, or go ahead and risk being misunderstood. It is also important that the students are fully involved in the studying process. A skilled teacher always watches for feedback and encourages discussion. However, often the topic of the lecture itself implies a different delivery mode, more conducive to studying in a real working environment instead of a classroom.

The analysis of such situations shows that effective eLearning can take the best from traditional education and even surpass it. Modern learning tools should allow instructors and students to create, edit, and comment on all presented materials. This willencourage discussion and keep everybody updated on the latest news. Webinars and instant messages in chats are especially necessary in the corporate sector, for example when new products are put on the market and the first hands-on experiences are highly valued.

Undoubtedly, all courses need a knowledge assessment. Such a feature is also an integrated part of all eLearning systems. However, it is essential that every student’s results be evaluated gradually so that the program either takes them to the next level or prompts them to repeat the unit.


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