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A majority of downloads come directly from the users who discover your app from organic search within the app store. In other words, your app should secure a high ranking in the store to get discovered and downloaded. For that to happen app store optimization is very crucial. AoneApps as an app marketing agency has a very clear and focused strategy of app store optimization for your app (Focused on iPhone App Marketing and Android App Marketing).

The keyword research affects your app ranking, so you can put the most important keywords using keyword analysis. Also, the long tail keywords are the most useful for you to optimize with the low competition. Our ASO expert Identify what keywords you’re going to use prior to submitting your app to the app store. It will help drive more traffic (views and downloads) in the long run.

Title of any App is the most important key factor to learn about the app. But this should be a mind that Title must be in the proper way including the most important keyword in that.

This increases the app ranking a lot in the searching. If you have space issue then you can add a keyword in subtitle also.

App description holds an important place in the app marketing. A clear & informative presentation always help the user to get learn about the app. A description should start with interesting lines to make user continue reading. Add “Learn More” button in your long description to add curiosity to the user and gain retention.

App Localization is defined as making your app compatible with all the languages worldwide viz French, German, Italian, Chinese etc. This is a great way to draw the attention of your app in the international market. It’s one of the great paths to becoming a brand with millions of downloads.

For any of the app, positive reviews & rating always include plus point. It’s because user also checks the same to detect what other people think about that app. Good reviews and higher rating have is directly propositional to the number of downloads.

Word of mouth is having a key role in these strategies. As these are first impressions to catch the eyes of the targeted user.


  • keyword research
  • Optimize App Title
  • Subtitle & Description
  • Competitor Research
  • App Store Localization
  • Advanced Keyword ranking boost
  • A/B split testing
  • App Reviews & Ratings

Screenshots are the best way to present your words in a pictorial way. The captions in screenshots are also very helpful to understand that what App is all about. This helps a user a lot to justify whether the app is relevant to his searching or not.

It is our belief that video should be simple & informative. We first analyse the root of business involved in the app. After gathering the information, we proceed with the creation of the video, which proves to be maximally beneficial to the user.

In simple words, ICON A/B Testing is nothing but a comparison of two versions of your app or site. It is also known as split testing or bucket testing. The main task involves in this approach is to modify app screen to implement the version.

The main benefit of this is we get an idea about the better version.

CPI stands for Cost Per Install and it is the most suitable campaign which marketer, marker or advertiser can use. Non rewarded CPI is higher than that of rewarded CPI. These install to make an impact on top list ranking.

CPI gives so many benefits if you are really looking for your app promotion.

Basically, Black Hat ASO is an unethical approach. In this, we just boost our app ranking in the very low time. In black hat ASO, the ranking has remained for short period of time. The App rank increases at the consistent rate.

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